School Asks How Far Kids will go Sexually!!

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Fox News Insider – Parents are fuming after a San Diego middle school asked students to publicly declare how far they would go sexually by standing under signs.

The options ranged from “smiled at” to “below the waist” to “all the way.” Officials at Woodland Park Middle School are defending the “dating lesson” in an eighth grade health class.


( Parents are fuming after a middle school asked students to publicly declare how far they would go sexually. )

Below is more from ABC 10 News:

The parents say the lesson didn’t teach their child anything but left her feeling peer pressured. “For the children to get that confused is just another reason why it shouldn’t even be in the schools.”

The couple says their daughter and her classmates were in disbelief because they thought the teacher wanted to know how far they’ve gone sexually.

The school’s principal told 10News “The parents sign permission slips for the class and can look at the curriculum prior. The purpose of the lesson was to open the lines of communication between parents and students about dating expectations.”

The teen’s parents say lessons on dating should be left up to them, and perhaps an anonymous survey would have been less intrusive.

“They need to have it on paper, no names on it they can do it at their desk and put it in a private box if the school really wants to know.”

The school’s principal told 10News the lesson came from a community clinic and has been used over the past several years.

Today on Outnumbered, Brian Kilmeade was stunned by this story and said he didn’t see “any good” coming out of the so-called lesson.

As a former academic dean, Jedidiah Bila said, “I don’t know what parents signed away … but I would bet my money that it didn’t say that kids would be holding up signs, humiliated in front of a classroom.”

Bila said parents have a right to know how this happened and the adult responsible should face consequences.

We must protect our children from these sexual predators who are masquerading as educators/teachers.

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