Ted Cruz Previews His Bill to Prevent White-House Gitmo Jailbreaks!!


Senator Ted Cruz says, “We cannot know for sure how many American soldiers paid the ultimate price to capture these five senior terrorists,” and describes those Obama released individually, reminding us that,” even as many other detainees at Gitmo had been released, up until now these five have been considered too dangerous to let go.”

He wonders how the Obama REGIME ( Administration ) CZARS, thinks it has made our nation safer by negotiating with terrorists to release their leadership. He says “prudence dictates” that all future transfers and trades be off the table.


He expresses his concern that the administration is considering additional releases and that we must assume will do so in violation of the law once again.

Cruz says America needs to pause and ask some important questions.

  • Who did the vetting?
  • Who participated in the decision to release them?
  • Was this the same deal that the administration says they offered to brief Congress on previously?
  • Was Obama fully briefed on the background of the Taliban Five?
  • What makes the regime think that they will be secure in Qatar?
  • How did they arrive at the conclusion that after one year in Qatar, they will be safe for release to the general public and free to roam as they choose?

Cruz offers Obama a chance to answer these and other questions regarding what happened by this week introducing a bill to which will freeze all detainee releases for a period of six months, and if he violates the law anyway, the funds will be deducted from his own executive office budget. He also has a waiver provision and a requirement that Obama himself must personally get out his infamous pen and sign off on any of those waiver applications.



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