Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is slamming President Barack Hussein Obama for his blatant affronts to the Constitution. She says the president either doesn’t understand the Constitution, or simply chooses to disrespect it.

We have a president who doesn’t understand or just chooses to disrespect our Constitution,” Palin said on Fox News.

The beloved Tea Partier charged that Brack Hussein Obama has single-handedly changed immigration, healthcare and welfare programs with approval from his elitist supporters, not with approval from the American people.

When asked about the type of politician America needs today, Palin replied that this nation needs a “new energy,” instead of lifetime politicians like Hillary Clinton.

Palin encouraged electing officials who will “promise to pay whatever price it is going to take to protect our Constitution,” including those who’ll focus on states’ rights to combat the expanding power of the federal government.

Via: Source American Overlook!!

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