As The U.S. and World Crumble, Obama Presses Global Government through Climate Change!!


America is in serious trouble. In spite of proclamations by our so-called president that the war on terror has al-Qaeda on the brink of extinction and the border is more secure than it’s ever been, the truth is now inescapable. Obama has been lying.

Those issues, along with the numerous scandals that have resulted from having a subversive running the country, would seem to most Americans to be deserving of his full attention. Something is even more important though and Obama pushes it to the forefront every chance he gets. It is his unsubstantiated theory or hoax of man-made climate change, and the ridiculous idea that we can have any measurable impact on it.

He took this opportunity to press his position at a commencement speech at the University of California, Irvine.

Why would Obama do such a thing, we might ask. The answer is simple; that’s his job and it’s why he’s there. Fundamentally transforming the United States is the reason he was put into the position to begin with.

The open door to world government that the global warming premise creates, along with his “free-trade” treaties which are anything but that, are next on his list of socialist-fascist agenda items to be put into place.

He doesn’t have time for the other “distractions” which any other president would be devoting his efforts towards resolving. Obama is focused on the two things that are of most importance to him, global government and golf.


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