Is it possible Obama is hoping to goad the GOP into impeaching him?!

Barack Obama

By Thomas Lifson
It is a confounding spectacle. The President of the United States of America faces a grave crisis in Iraq that threatens to undo the hard-won victory of his predecessor and flies off for a weekend of golf and fundraising in Palm Springs, blandly assuring the American people that his staff would prepare options for him to review in a couple of days. Our embassy in Baghdad, the world’s largest such outpost, studies evacuation plans bringing to mind the Fall of Saigon, while US contractors at an Iraqi military base may be trapped by the advancing forces of the Al Qaeda-inspired jihadists.
Later that afternoon, the IRS explains to the American people that the potentially incriminating emails of its senior official who has taken the Fifth Amendment are somehow lost in a “computer crash,” as if there were not two parties to emails and no servers monitored by the NSA handled the transactions. It is a more blatant suppression of political scandal evidence than even President Nixon’s 18 minute gap in the White House tape recording system.
Meanwhile, our southern border is wide open as the agents charged with protecting us from drug smugglers and suitcase nuke-carrying members of Al Qaeda (among other possible intruders) are busy changing diapers, vaccinating, and providing basic care for thousands upon thousands of children drawn here by the President’s promise to let children who make it across the border stay.
Crisis upon crisis, and yet the president conspicuously enjoys his leisure with an insouciance certain to raise the blood pressure of anyone who cares about the fate of the nation.
I have to wonder if the man is hoping to goad his opponents into impeaching him. Such spectacular neglect of duty, fiddling as it were as the nation implodes, should infuriate the friends and relatives of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines currently risking their lives in Afghanistan and elsewhere in our defense. As Iran moves steadily toward the nuclear Armageddon it openly seeks and the bulwark against it we fought for in Iraq collapses, President Obama makes clear he will not even disrupt his leisure activities to take action. And we have two and half years more of this ahead.
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