Planned Parenthood Exposed!!

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Planned Parenthood is the most anti-family, anti-Christian and anti-parental authority group in America next to the Democratic Party. They receive around $500 million of your tax money each year to murder unborn children, teach your young kids to have sex and how to keep you from knowing. They have gone so far as to show teens how to bypass abortion reporting and parental notification laws.
Now there is evidence that Planned Parenthood is actually teaching kids, as young as 12-14, that having sex is okay as long as they use protection or some form of contraception. Not only are they teaching your kids about promiscuous sex, but they are teaching them about kinky sex such as BDSM.
Live Action went undercover to investigate what all Planned Parenthood is teaching your kids. According to their website:

“Live Action is a new media movement dedicated to building a culture of life and ending abortion, the greatest human rights injustice of our time. We use powerful and dynamic media platforms to educate the public about the humanity of the unborn and investigative journalism to expose the threats against the vulnerable and defenseless.”

“An enterprise built on destroying pre-born children for money leaves few rules unbroken. But the abortion industry’s corruption goes deeper than most people would think: from threatening women’s lives with dangerously bad medical advice, to protecting child sex-trafficking rings, to covering up statutory rape, to actions even more heinous. Live Action’s undercover exposés document these many abuses, so the whole world can see the horrors going on right in our backyards – and paid for with our tax money.”

Live Action people posed as 15 and 16 year old kids seeking information on sex. What they found should shock you and make you outraged. Your hard earned tax dollars are being used to teach kids that all kinds of sex, including sadomasochism, bondage and torture are all ok as long as it’s consensual.
They have people creating videos to help your kids learn what BDSM is and how to find out if it’s something right for them. When you watch this video, please make sure that there are no young children present as this is not suitable for them to see or hear.

Besides teaching kids to have free and kinky sex, I hope you noticed in the video, starting at 1:56, Live Action catches Planned Parenthood personnel covering up child abuse. At the 2:14 mark, a Planned Parenthood employee tells the undercover agent:

“You never got this from me. Just to make all of our lives easier. If they’re fourteen and under just send ‘em right there if they need an abortion.”

Like Obama and other Democrats, Planned Parenthood cares nothing about abiding by the Law of GOD, they care nothing about parental authority or your religious values and morals. Their goal is to help the socialists undermine and destroy the traditional family unit by destroying the sanctity of marriage and the role of parents. They are using your tax dollars to take over the role of parental authority and win your kids over to their perverse way of life. And the way they are doing it, you as a parent may never know.
For the sake of your kids, contact your state and federal legislators and demand that Planned Parenthood be de-funded and that they are forced to abide by the laws of the state and nation. Demand an official investigation into their dealings and actions and that they are criminally prosecuted for their many crimes.
Planned Parenthood is a well organized criminal organization that must be shut down immediately!!


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