VATICAN INTERFAITH FAIL! Muslim cleric goes off script, trashes Christians and Jews!!

Vatikan-Imam-e1402954514108 (1)

The imam at the Pope Francis-arranged interfaith service at the Vatican went off script and read specific quran verses that speak to Islamic supremacy and the conquest of Christians and Jews.
The offensive comments, specifically Koran, 2:284, 2:285 and 2:286, were NOT presented to the Vatican in advance. The Vatican actually admits to this and attempts to mitigate the damage the imam tried to do by this piece of apologetics written by a Jesuit at a German language Vatican-Radio website. The sophistry is quite artistic in this. The Jesuit uses the clay-pot fallacy in a round about way here, saying that the imam didn’t really say that and if he did, its no different than when the last pope said something muslims didn’t like in 2006. So we should be ashamed that we even noticed it. READ MORE HERE!!

Via: Source Bare Naked Islam!!


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