Bill O’Reilly Calls For Americans to Boycott Mexico – Mexico is Not America’s Friend!!


Bill O’Reilly is not always right, and he sometimes seems too willing to give the benefit of the doubt or to even be a closet liberal on some issues, but in this case, he’s right on the money and leading.
O’Reilly comments on Mexico’s treatment of the United States, recognizing what our neighbor to the south is doing to us and calling upon the American public to stop traveling to Mexico, to join him in a boycott of that country.

As just provocation, he cites the rampant, long term problem of illegal immigration which is supported and officially sanctioned by the Mexican government. He also notes their illegal detainment of Marine Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi in prison for an honest mistake which he could not recover from in accidentally driving towards the border with no place to turn around.
O’Reilly characterizes the situation correctly as the Mexican government giving America the middle finger. He says he’s not going there and he’s asking every American to join him in a boycott, because Mexican President Nieto and his government are harming the USA.
He points out that America provides about half of Mexico’s $12 billion tourism revenue, and until they stop hurting us, it’s time for us to stop rewarding them. Similar views were expressed in recent demonstrations outside the Mexican embassy in Washington, DC. The arrogance with which the Mexicans addressed the protesters, and the condescension and thinly-veiled contempt they have for Americans should have all of us joining the boycott.
This is clearly an idea whose time has come. The whole video is good, the part relating to a Mexican Boycott starts at the approximate 6:30 mark.


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