ISIS terrorists running ads featuring their pal, Senator John McCain!!


The Obama Regime has been arming, funding, and training al-Qaeda affiliated jihadist groups in Syria for over a year, so why are they acting all upset that these same jihadists are attacking Iraq now? Remember when John McCain made that secret trip to Syria in 2013 to hang out with the so-called “rebels?” Now, ISIS is using that photo of McCain as propaganda for their campaign of terror.
This 2013 photograph of John McCain is being circulated by members of ISIS as a photo of him with members of some of their members in Syria. The poster does not specify which of the men is actually from ISIS or “Al Qaeda In Iraq” as they were once called.
Gee, are they ISIS or “Al Qaeda in Iraq”? I’m so confused. Maybe we can check their laminated membership cards.


John McCain is a muslim brotherhood sympathizer who is Senile / GUILTY of HIGH TREASON / Pathetic Pathological Lair / TRAITTOR!!


h/t: Bare Naked islam!!

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