Free Syrian Army ( FSA ) ‘rebels’ !!

Free Syrian Army ( FSA ) ‘rebels’ high command has been disbanded a day after Barack Hussein Obama promised to send them $500 million!!

Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but the money was always intended for the ISIS jihadists, with whom most of the former FSA rebels who are still fighting have joined.


 Friends of Syria  The Obama-backed Syrian rebel movement fighting President Bashar Assad’s regime was in disarray on Friday after its military high command was sacked over corruption allegations a day after the Obama administration earmarked it for $500 million in financial support.

The country’s self-styled opposition government took the dramatic step amid repots of rampant malfeasance within the ranks of the Free Syrian Army ( FSA ) Ahmad Tohme, head of the government-in-exile, said it had “decided to disband the Supreme Military Council and refer its members to the government’s financial and administration committee for investigation.”

Brigadier General Abdelilah al-Bashir, the FSA’s chief-of-staff, is also being fired in the purge, the opposition government said in an announcement posted on Facebook.


Source: Bare Naked islam!!


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