Cockroach Out Of The Shadows – America’s Dictator Exposes Himself, Set to Grab Power!!


It’s time for him to pull the trigger. Obama’s set the stage by refusing to enforce the border, the human prop “refugees” are in place and his minions are on all of the airwaves making their speeches to provide support as he assumes his position of Dictator of the United States.

Just as expected, B. Hussein Obama is taking powers which are not his and to which he has no legitimate claim in order fix a problem of his own making, which was created specifically to provide him with this opportunity to grab dictatorial power.

To make it more palatable and easier for the future American slaves to accept, he’s blaming his political adversaries for forcing his hand. He claims He didn’t want to do it, but the “do-nothing” Congress left him no options.

He recently invited to join him in his dictatorial transformation but they refused to go along. Hussein Obama doesn’t’ care, he’s going to destroy this nation with or without them. Best of all, he’s going to point the finger of responsibility at them, directly, in spite of the opposite being true for many, that they were fighting him on this all along.

It’s happening now, this dictator, for those who don’t see it, is a cockroach who has stepped out into the light. He’s showing himself for what he is, daring Congress and the American people to do anything about it.

We’d better show some courage and do something to stop this tyrant or this country is lost. Now is when Congress needs to stand for themselves, their places in the government, their place in history and for the American people.

This is the kind of situation that could trigger an upheaval to rival the civil war. It is designed to do exactly that, pitting the patriots that the government has branded as domestic terrorists against the un-American, un-Constitutional Obama dictatorship. Chaos and civil war are a real possibility. This threat to the Constitution and to the survival of America must be stopped.

This is the greatest threat to America. He resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Congress is aware that he is himself an undocumented usurper. The evidence is plentiful. If they have no other means through which to obstruct this illegal power grab, take that card out of their pockets and play it. The time has come, for our republic there may be no tomorrow.


Source: GOP Daily Dose!!

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