Bill Ayers is Still Un-Apologetic!!

Bill Ayers is Still a Terrorist and will Not Apologize for what he has done in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! Bill Ayers is Anti-America / Anti-Christian / Anti-Constitution / Anti-Bill Of Rights / Anti-Israel / AntiSemitic / Anti-Veterans!!


Obama’s Friends are TERRORISTS / KILLERS – Bernardine Dohrn / Barack Hussein Obama / Bill Ayers!! they’re All Pathetic Pathological Liars / Anti-Christian / Anti-United States Of America / Anti-Israel / AntiSemitic / Anti-Constitution / Anti-Bill Of Rights / Anti-Veterans!! They’re ALL Extreme Left Wing Liberals / Socialists /  Communists / Marxists / Fascists / Nazism!! SOCIALISM is NAZISM / COMMUNISM!!





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