Canada: Rabid Muslim pro-Palestinian savages attack Jewish protesters in Toronto!!

✝✡Only Judaism and Christianity is Right✡✝


✝✡Only Judaism and Christianity is Right✡✝


JDL-Canada organized a vigil and protest to commemorate the brutal murder of three Jewish teenagers near Hebron in Judea and Samaria. The murder was committed by Muslim terrorists and it is just the beginning of the new wave of crimes to hit Israel after the unification of the two terrorist organizations – HamasFatah and PLO.

Blogwrath  The protest was supposed to take place in front of Palestine House, a notorious organization with links to the Palestinian extremism. Because of those links and other shady activities, it was stripped of its funding by the Government of Canada.


By the time the Jews and their supporters arrived, a big rabid Arab crowd with “Palestinian” flags has already assembled. With the consistency of angry parrots they kept yelling the same chants we’ve heard at all Muslim events:Netanyahu, Netanyahu, you will see, Palestine will be free!” and “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free!”


Watching the vicious assaults, we got a taste of the savagery, which the Jews in Israel see every day.


 “Idiotic muslim said Silence, I keel you”

The first victim became a tiny Japanese woman, who just arrived and was trying to cross the street and join the vigil. It was disgusting to see how the Arab racists attacked her, trying to push her. If it weren’t for the police to help her, who knows what would’ve happened. Seeing that I was filming all that, one of the management of Palestine House personally pushed me and tried to block the camera.


Notice the blood libel sign they are carrying. Every indication is that Muslims killed that 16- year-old Palestinian, NOT Jews in retaliation.


After that the Arab bullies turned against the Jews with sticks and fists. You can see that confrontation in the video below. After the vicious beating one person was sent to hospital with injuries and another one who came to support JDL-Canada was arrested for no reason (and held for several hours). Another person from the vigil tried to speak to the Arabs, but they attacked him and ripped his shirt.

MVI_0217003✝✡Only Judaism and Christianity is Right✡✝


Needless to say, the police didn’t touch any one of the violent Arabs. The Muslim extremists in Canada become more and more protected group.

Another day of infamy in “multicultural” Canada.

✝✡Only Judaism and Christianity is Right✡✝

✝✡Only Judaism and Christianity is Right✡✝


✝✡Only Judaism and Christianity is Right✡✝



israelblinkieh/t: Bare Naked islam!!

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