Obama’s muslim brotherhood in White-House Mohammad Elibiary!!

✝✡“One Nationusaf1Under GOD”✡✝


There are too many muslims in the Sunni muslim Barack Hussein Obama REGIME (  Administration ). You could say we have an islamic White-House!!


The Abomination Sunni muslim Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, he is muslim brotherhood member and Sympathizer!!

Obamas muslim brotherhood in White-House Mohammad Elibiary!!


Sunni muslim Barack Hussein Obama is Anti-Israel / Anti-Zionism / Antisemitism / Anti-United States of America / Anti-USA Constitution / Anti-USA Bill of Rights / Anti-Guns Hypocrite  / Anti-All USA Amendments / Anti-USA Freedoms / Anti-USA Veterans / Anti-United States of America Military / Anti-USA Capitalism / Anti-Christian ( Antichrist )!! 


DO NOT TRUST Sunni muslim Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, he is a Pathetic Pathological Liar / Narcissistic / Marxist / Fascism / Communism / Nazism /Socialism / EXTREME LeftWing LIBERAL / Usurper / Dictator / DEVOUT EVIL Islamic Muslim / Bisexual / FALSE prophet!!

Barack Hussein Obama’s god is a FALSE PAGAN moon god named allah!! Obama’s false pagan moon god allah is NOT THE SAME as our GOD ( Hashem-Yahweh-Jehovah-Hosanna-Elohim ) OF ISRAEL-YISRAEL and CHRISTIANS!!

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