Students Strike due to 10 Commandments Removal!!

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A student goes on strike after a 10 Commandments plaque was removed from a hallway. The plaque was a gift from the class of 1953, but the principal ordered it taken down after similar displays were challenged in nearby schools. Do you support this student’s protest?!!

A fight over the Ten Commandments is causing controversy at an Ohio public high school.

Harding High School’s class of 1953 gifted a copy of the Ten Commandments to the school. For years the plaque hung in a school hallway next to the preamble of the United States Constitution, but in August the principal ordered it taken down.

Marion City Schools said it acted to avoid legal challenges that have been prompted by similar Ten Commandments displays in other Ohio public school districts.

The removal prompted freshman Anthony Miller to go on strike. He is attending classes at the Marion school, but not doing classwork or homework.

“I don’t care about my grades right now,” Miller told the Marion Star Thursday.  “I told the principal, until there is an agreement reached, I will not participate in any Harding-related activities, any Marion City Schools-related activities. Sports, choir, classes, whatever. I won’t even wear my Harding Marching Band shirt.”

The Star also reported that a compromise may be in the offing. Miller and Marion City Schools superintendent Gary Barber agreed to meet Jan. 6 to discuss where to put the plaque.

Meantime, Miller said he will continue his protest!! Source: Fox News!!



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