Is the President’s ISIS strategy working? No. New reports indicate that after months of US & allied airstrikes, the Islamic State is gaining ground Syria. The latest.

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(Source: WSJ) (Source: WSJ)

Today I leave Austin and head to Dallas. I’ll be speaking this weekend at Prestonwood Baptist Church on “The Gathering Storm and the Future of the Middle East.”

One area I plan to touch on is the sobering fact that the U.S. strategy to defeat ISIS is not working. To the contrary, ISIS continues to gain ground, recruit new jihadists, and endanger Americans and our allies.

Consider several disturbing stories I’m reading this morning:

  • FBI arrests Ohio man, foils attack on Capitol (Boston Herald) — “The arrest of an Ohio man for what the FBI called a foiled terror plot to bomb the U.S. Capitol and open fire on members of Congress rattled some law­makers who said yesterday they only learned of the alleged ISIS-­inspired ambush through news reports. Christopher Lee Cornell, 20, who went by the name Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah, was arrested on charges of attempting to kill U.S. government…

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