“Nightmare scenario”: What happens if ISIS attacks Jordan? Gov. Huckabee asked me this on FoxNews this weekend. Here’s the video of our discussion.

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Discussing ISIS, genocide, and "The Third Target" with Gov. Mike Huckabee on Fox News. Discussing ISIS, genocide, and “The Third Target” with Gov. Mike Huckabee on Fox News.

(New York City, New York) — How high are the stakes if the U.S. and our allies don’t crush ISIS quickly?

On Saturday, I was interviewed by Governor Mike Huckabee. It was an honor to be on what turned out to be his last broadcast on the Fox News Channel, as he prepares for a possible presidential campaign. We discussed The Third Target,  which I was encouraged to learn he had read the thriller in full last week. In addition to discussing the genocidal conditions emerging in Syria and Iraq for which ISIS bears large responsibility, and foreign policy mistakes of President Obama, the Governor also asked me about the threat ISIS poses specifically to Jordan, a key moderate Arab ally of the United States.

HUCKABEE: “You talk about Jordan in the book, and the important role…

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