The U.S. Is Now Teetering On The Brink Of Two Catastrophic Outcomes as Three Red Flags are Raised…

Lisa Haven News


By: Lisa Haven

It’s true! America is literally on a teeter totter ending in one of two disastrous ways. With the economy heading in a downward spiral and oil prices declining something major is without-a-doubt headed our way.

In the video below I dive through two possible outcomes that we might see here in America in the coming years. While some of the information is disturbing and disheartening, I do believe it is imperative to know in order to be ready for what’s ahead. Here is the breaking report…

In light of what you just heard in the video above, if we add to that the fact that many top experts are warning of financial ruin, then we just may have a case:

“I look at what is transpiring in the crude oil market as yet another engineered or financial trickery on the part of the financial elites. . …

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