More from the blonde firebrand who disrupted designated terrorist group CAIR’s ‘Muslim Capital Day’ in Texas!!

✝✡Only Judaism and Christianity is Right✡✝


Gotta love this feisty Texan woman with the co-jones to grab the microphone and voice her opposition to Islam at CAIR’s annual Muslim whine-fest in Texas.  

CAIRHAMAS is anti-USA Everything / anti-Israel-Yisrael / Very Antisemitism / anti-Christian people / anti-Jewish People / anti-Christians!!


CAIRHAMASTerrorists / Nazis / Communist / Fascist / Marxism!! CAIRHAMAS is NOT Above law of the land United States of America PERIOD!! NO one above LAWS from our True GOD ( HaShem-Yahweh-Elohim-Jehovah-Hosanna-EL SHADDAI )!!

tkjv✝✡Exodus 20:1-17 KJV✡✝

A Brave Christian Woman Tells the TRUTH in the Above Video!! 

united yjc

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