We’re Living on Borrowed Time!! NWO Scientists Meet to… As it Was in the Days of Noah So It Is Now! Major Move That Will Anger You to the Core…

✝✡Only Judaism and  Christianity is Right✡✝

Lisa Haven News

B0006858 Engineering DNA

Back in the days of Noah the earth was living in a very unique time period. Nephilim (hybrids of humans and fallen angels) roamed the earth and all kinds of mixing of DNA was going on. Needless to say God was not happy with his observations of an immoral generation that was messing with DNA and flooded the earth.

There are countless stories among different people groups that speak of a great flood that occurred many generations ago. Therefore this belief is not just a “Christian” belief, but it spans many religions worldwide. Paintings, pictures, and cave drawings all expose not only knowledge of such advanced ‘beings’ but also knowledge of the ability to mix the DNA of man and beast. As a result mythical stories across countless civilizations arose including megalithic structures and ancient artifacts reflecting such displays.

Today human kind is once again messing with God’s creation by…

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