NWO Elitist Stunning Declaration “Powerful People Are Scared!” What Do They Know That We Don’t? Many Elite Jumping Ship…

Lisa Haven News


By Lisa Haven

Strange things are happening all across the globe increased weather patterns, economic chaos, talk of war, and more. It seems a day can’t go by without some sort of “end time” event on the horizon. The truth is our world has been going to hell in a hand basket for some time and things haven’t been looking good for those living on planet earth.

In fact the Bible states there will be an increased amount of fear in the latter days and so much so that men’s heart’s will fail them for fear of things to come upon the earth, and I do believe this is exactly what we are witnessing.

The ultra-rich people of the world know it too and many have begun preparations to “bug out” in the event of some catastrophe. They have bought survival gear, land, farms, and deluxe underground bunkers to prepare…

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