#OpISIS Continues as Anonymous Shuts Down ISIS Recruitment Accounts!!

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#OpISIS Continues as Anonymous Shuts Down ISIS Recruitment Accounts [Video]

The online “hacktivist” group Anonymous claims to have hit ISIS, the brutal terrorist group known for its gory, horrific propaganda videos, where it hurts the most — in its recruiting campaign. On Friday, Anonymous said that it had attacked and disabled dozens of social media accounts used by ISIS recruiters to bring in new members.

Also on Friday, a new ISIS video emerged — one that the brutal terrorists never wanted the world to see. While ISIS videos are known for their slick production values and editing, portraying the terrorists as brutal and unstoppable fighters who deal with their enemies in the most remorselessly sadistic fashion possible, the video that appeared on the site Live Leak shows a different side of ISIS.

Viewable at this link, the unauthorized compilation shows ISIS fighters as a gang that couldn’t shoot straight — incompetent fighters unable even to operate their most…

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