Three Out of Four Israelis Don’t Trust Obama To Stop Iran From Gaining Nuclear Weapon…

✝✡Only Judaism and  Christianity is Right✡✝

DO NOT TRUST the Sunni muslim Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, he is a devout Sunni muslim and muslim brotherhood member and SYMPATHIZER!!

BHO is Anti-ISRAEL-YISRAEL / Anti-ZIONISM / Very ANTISEMITISM / Anti-UNITED STATES of AMERICA Everything / Anti-Christian ( Antichrist )!! ( 1 John 4:3 KJV )!!

Bibi is a Very STRONG LEADER compared to Barack Hussein Obama ( BHO )!!

❤ Am Yisrael Chai, Yeshua Adonai, Baruch HaShem-Yahweh Bless the HOLY LAND of ISRAEL-YISRAEL and the USA!! ❤


Shabbat ❤  Shalom, YSIC \o/


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