Why should Christians support Israel? How should the Church approach the Arab-Israeli conflict? My interview with Billy Graham’s “Decision” magazine.”

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My interview with "Decision" magazine on the Arab-Israeli conflict. My interview with “Decision” magazine on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Recently, I was interviewed by Bob Paulson, the editor of Decision, the monthly magazine of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Bob wanted to discuss our family’s move to Israel in 2014 and my perspective on the Arab-Israeli conflict as a follower of Christ who has become new citizen of Israel.

I greatly enjoyed my conversation with Bob, a thoughtful and careful interviewer and writer. I also greatly appreciated the opportunity to share with the readers of Decision some thoughts on such highly controversial matters as Bible prophecy, the tensions related to Jewish-Arab relations, and the role of the Church in the Middle East.

The interview appeared in last month’s edition. Please forgive me for not posting it sooner, but here it is. Hope you find it both thought-provoking and encouraging.

Joel Rosenberg on Following Jesus In A Land Of Conflict

Joel Rosenberg knows the…

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