Belgium Rescues 200 Persecuted Christians From Syria With Asylum Offer Pending


Thank our True GOD who art in HEAVEN for helping saving these Christians!!

sharia unveiled

Christian Persecution in Syria 1

by, Dan Wooding | Assist News Service (ANS) | h/t BCN

ALEPPO, SYRIA: Some 240 people, mainly Christians, have been brought out of Syria’s second city of Aleppo and taken to Belgium, the government in Brussels says.

All the families had fled their homes and were at risk of repeated human rights abuse, a spokesman told the BBC.

Civil society groups helped take the families to safety in Lebanon.

“Aleppo has been devastated by three years of fierce fighting between Syrian government forces, rebels and jihadist militants,” said the BBC.

“Before the war, it had a Christian population of around 160,000, one of the biggest in the Middle East.”

The refugees, who included Yazidis as well as Christians, were moved out along the only open road from Aleppo to the Lebanese border.

The BBC added that the operation took place over two months and amid great secrecy. Belgium is one…

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