Muslim Student Goes on Stabbing Rampage at California University Seriously Injuring 4


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sharia unveiled

Muslim Attacker - California University - Faisal Mohammad

Faisal Mohammad, 18, of Santa Clara, was a freshman computer science major at UC Merced who allegedly attacked four people with a knife before he was shot and killed by university police. UC Merced

by, Rob Parsons & Brianna Calix | The Merced Sun Star

The UC Merced student who stabbed four people during a campus rampage “intended to kill a lot of people,” according to authorities who found a detailed manifesto on his body.

Merced County Sheriff Verne Warnke told the Sun-Star on Thursday that the document found on the body of 18-year-old Faisal Mohammad included “a detailed list of his targets and his intentions.”

The computer science and engineering freshman planned to stab a police officer, take that officer’s firearm and use it to shoot students in a dormitory, Warnke said.

Mohammad’s motive appears to have been anger he felt over being “kicked out of a study group,” Warnke…

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