BREAKING NEWS: Iran seizes two U.S. Navy vessels and is holding 10 American sailors.

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BreakingNews-Iran10sailors(Virginia Beach, Virginia) — Just hours before the President delivers his State of the Union address, Iran has seized two U.S. Navy vessels in the Persian Gulf and are now hosting ten American sailors hostage.

The official Iranian news service says the U.S. sailors have been “arrested.”

The White House is insisting that Iran’s actions suggest no hostile intent.

A few initial thoughts to this developing story:

  • Iran’s tyrannical regime has clearly been emboldened by the foolish nuclear deal President Obama, and Tehran keeps ratcheting up its hostile actions.
  • Iran recently fired on US Navy ships.
  • Iran has allowed mobs to storm and burn the Saudi embassy.
  • Now Iran has seized ten US sailors.
  • Will Iran hold on to these sailors — plus 4 others Americans Iran is holding (including American Pastor Saeed Abedini) — until the U.S. releases $150 billion in frozen assets as part of the nuclear deal?
  • The President should announce…

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