Muslim Immigrants Sentenced for Violently Gang-Raping a 13-Year-old British Girl in Hotel Room

The evil muslim brotherhood and RAPISTS and Anti-Christian and Jewish People!!

sharia unveiled


Two Typical Muslim Paedophiles..Preying on Our Young Children

by, The Express – UK | h/t Fred Alan Medforth

Ismail Ali, and Naheem Uddin, both 26, abused the child after picking her up in their car as they cruised a city centre looking for a victim.

The sickening rapists “behaved like animals” and ripped her jeans as they yanked them from her legs.

They took photographs of their victim while they abused her then threw her shoes and knickers from the bedroom window before leaving.

The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was left seriously distraught after her horrific ordeal.

Uddin, a married father-of-three from Bradford, was this week convicted at Bradford Crown Court of rape, attempted rape and taking indecent photographs.

Ali, a waiter also from Bradford, was found guilty of two rapes and possession of the indecent photographs which Uddin sent to his phone.

Both men were…

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