A “President Hillary Clinton” Will FLOOD Our Government With Muslim Brotherhood Members

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


For the last seven years, the American public has had to watch the POTUS welcoming his good friends from the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House. The only other group which came close in number of visits to the White House were the LGBT lobbyists. This president is an arrogant Marxist elitist ideologue, who cares not for the little people.

Now we are rapidly approaching the 2016 presidential election. We are being subjected to the liberal rhetoric coming from the left, ad nauseam. The Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, is a dangerous woman. The purpose of this article is to wake up the American voters — especially those still on the fence. These independents are always the ones who impact election outcomes. This election will, in my opinion, be the most important one in the history of our country.

There are too many Hillary scandals to write about them all. I…

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