If Internet Falls Into the Hands of the U.N. It Will be a Blessing for Christians

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


I should read the Word of God more than I do. Oh, I read it, but most of my day is spent either on Facebook or surfing the Internet for research purposes for my articles.  I know that the Lord wants me to come into His presence by reading His Word.  What could be more important to a follower of Christ?

Everything that happens in this world is permitted by our God. The events may seem so incredibly evil, but God permits them.  I know that websites like my Word Press will most likely be gone if the U.N. has control of the Internet. Any sites which speak of Christianity and Conservatism will be scrubbed.  As I thought about this today, a calm came over me.  I would fill the hours with reading and study of God’s Word. Perhaps this will be the time that my husband and I finally…

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