The Blurred Lines of Conservatism and Liberalism Have Fooled Us: Our Only Hope Has Always Been Jesus Christ

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


I admit it. I have been deceived in a big way, along with the masses. In certain areas, even those of us with the gift of discernment are found wanting in the arena of politics. For some reason, we see our politicians as either conservative or liberal. No gray area- we “trust” because of the words they speak. We forget that the god of this world works through our government to accomplish his evil and chaotic plans.

RINOS and such

We are well aware of many in Congress who give lip service to conservatives, but in reality they show their true liberal colors when it comes time for a vote on moral issues.

We have flagged the “Lindsey Grahams” and “John McCains” and many others we had once trusted to be good stewards of the conservative causes which we deem as vitally important.  Alas, these are sinful men – almost…

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