After many delays, the battle to liberate Mosul from a hellish ISIS nightmare is about to begin. Here’s the latest.

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The good news: two years after the Islamic State swept through large swaths of north-western Syria, and seized control of upwards of one-third of Iraq, a coalition of U.S, Arab and Kurdish military forces are poised to launch a massive new battle to liberate the city of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest.

The bad news: how much time do you have?

  • For one thing, while ISIS is losing ground in Iraq, and even losing some ground in Syria, it’s ideology has spread to some three-dozen countries.
  • Second, ISIS is recruiting jihadists from well over 100 countries.
  • Third, ISIS operatives and loyalists are launching deadly terror attacks all over the world, including in North America and various NATO countries.
  • Four, the battle for Mosul — repeatedly promised yet repeatedly delayed over the past year — could cause ISIS to slaughter many more innocents.
  • Fifth, the battle for Mosul could also create a massive…

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