The Founders and de Tocqueville Knew The First Amendment Best, ‘Fact Checkers’

Reclaim Our Republic


Jan 3, 2017 by  MARK LANDSBAUM

You don’t need “fact-checkers” to know what’s what. Indeed, be aware: the more self-laudatory the fact-checker, the more likely you’re getting sophisticated spin. And often not even sophisticated.

Today’s “fact-checkers” more often than not are simply advancing their own worldviews, pretending it’s gospel truth. That’s deception, a sin as old as sin comes.

As Jarrett Stepman at the Daily Signal reminds us, when Alexis de Tocqueville visited America nearly 200 years ago, the first newspaper he read had an over-the-top report accusing President Andrew Jackson of being a “heartless despot, solely occupied with the preservation of his own authority” and a “gamester” who ruled by corruption. The hyperbole wasn’t unusual.

Could fact checkers have fixed that problem? Nope. How about an official government clearinghouse for “real news?” Nope.

Instead, the Founders and de Tocqueville knew a robust First Amendment and its protections against…

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