VIDEO One Resolution The GOP Is Ready To Break!!


( Psalms Chapter 117 KJV ) “O Praise the LORD, all ye Nations: Praise Him, all ye people. For His Merciful Kindness is Great Toward us: and the Truth of the LORD Endureth For ever. Praise ye the LORD.”!! Praise Ye the LORD!!

Reclaim Our Republic

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Jan 4, 2017 by Tony Perkins

The Obama administration may only be in power another three weeks, but it can still do plenty of damage. Last month’s anti-Israel decision made that abundantly clear, as the president’s team refused to use its power to put the brakes on a devastating Security Council resolution on America’s closest ally. Instead of vetoing the measure, the Obama administration allowed it to pass by abstaining, sparking outrage on Capitol Hill and abroad. As one of its first acts, the Republican majority plans on hitting back with a resolution of its own condemning Obama’s “stunt.”

“This Thursday, the House will not abstain from its responsibility and will vote on a bipartisan resolution reaffirming our longstanding policy in the region and support of Israel” Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) warned. “The administration has lost all credibility when it comes to Israel. The administration’s stunt at the U.N…

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