As a Jew I Am Angered At the Liberal Media Calling President Trump Anti Semitic

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


I am outraged. Really OUTRAGED!

I am so sick and tired of seeing unfounded headlines and articles, trying to persuade the liberal idiots that Donald Trump is anti Semitic. And oh are the sheeple taking the bait!

I see it all over Facebook. Liberals with cartoons of President Trump giving the “Heil Hitler” arm outstretched Nazi greeting. Preposterous!

The ignorant liberal media is implying that Trump’s “America First” was taken from the 1930’s movement which vilified the Jewish people. Nothing could be further from the truth. But “truth” never stopped the liberal media rags. Truth is not part of their narrative.

Remember, the devil is a liar and the father of it.


ABC News Correspondent Says Inauguration Had “Overtones” Of “Anti-Semitic Movement”

In a move that was shocking to absolutely no one, the liberal media criticized President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech, but one reporter confusingly called the president’s…

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