Oh, What A Surprise – George Soros Bankrolled Airport Demonstrations


Absolute Truth from the Word of God


Does this man every cease his evil ways?  The simple answer is NO. George Soros lives and breathes to wreak havoc in nations; pushing his Marxist/Socialist agenda wherever he can.  And he pays his sheeple well.

Did you know that this spawn of the devil organized and funded the the protests across college campuses, which pushed for BDS (Boycott Divestments and Sanctions) against Israel? Most of the leaders of these college based protests were Muslim students. Whenever we see large crowds holding well made signs, we can assume that Mr. Soros had his grubby fingers in the pot.

The Protests at Airports Over President Trump’s Executive Order 

From theduran.com

George Soros is the man behind protests surrounding President Trump’s executive action on immigration

George Soros is bankrolling the effort to stop President Trump’s temporary refugee halt order.

As with all color revolutions, one man stands in the shadows coordinating the efforts…

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