What should we watch for when Trump & Netanyahu meet this week? Here are five crucial questions that need answers.

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(Central Israel) — As I write this, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is flying to Washington for his first official meetings with President Trump.

The men have known each other for years, and there is a good chemistry between the two. They met last fall in Trump Tower (see picture above) and have spoken several times by phone since then. There is, therefore, a great deal of optimism among Americans and Israelis that a new, warmer, closer friendship can and will be forged after the deep strains of the Obama-Biden years. Yet there are also concerns regarding just how the Trump relationship with Netanyahu and his government will play out.

What exactly should we be watching for this week? Here are five crucial questions to which I’m looking for answers.

1.) HOW WILL THE TWO LEADERS PREVENT IRAN FROM GOING NUCLEAR? — No issue on Netanyahu’s agenda is more important than undoing the damage of the 

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