White Genocide In South Africa: A Plea For American Christians To Pray!!

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Recently, a reader of Raptureready.com wrote to Todd Strandberg and copied me about the atrocities happening in his country of South Africa.  The writer of the email gave me permission to publish it in this piece:

“On the 22nd of April the Christians of all race groups are coming together to pray for our country. God has given Angus Buchan a number of one million people who will be going. For South Africa this is a great number considering that we are 40 million people in the country. Already most places of accommodation have been sold out in the Bloemfontein area. The prayer meeting will be held on a farm outside of Bloemfontein.

Our country is in a terrible state with corruption, raping, hi-jacking and the most heinous murdering and torture ever imagined (especially on farms). With the greatest of respect to all Americans due your sufferings and problems, you…

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2 thoughts on “White Genocide In South Africa: A Plea For American Christians To Pray!!

  1. If I may repost my comment from Geri’s: _ _ _ _At last . . . after years of writing to various groups I belong to, the first true calling to attention to our plight in South Africa. The UN rejected an SA envoy of Agri-forum’s statements if you will and rejected their plight of genocide. The hatred we in townships where I live in, is tangible. I myself was robed and harassed by youngsters. Even my own father at age 75 was not spared!!! I already posted on the web to make aware that Europeans need to start opening up their arms for their offspring left behind after the days of colonisations of Africa since the end of the 50’s and throughout the sixties. And not a single white man that I know are ignorant of the looming final onslaught on whites. When we post our fears, we get responses like, you asked for it, or the shoe is on the other foot. You will never make such comments when you see the atrocities (hate crimes) done by so-called farm workers. Where do they get AK 47 RIFLES??? Have YOU seen old people burned with hot irons, deep fried babies, children drowned in cooking hot bathwater in a tub!!! . . . . no no no no more ignorance from main stream media. Most white South Africans already immigrated (fled) to other countries, but we have nowhere to go unless other countries would adopt us. Thank you Geri for this post that normal people will see and pray. You know me well enough from my subscription of your page. Israel is facing the very same delima than that of the old Republic of South Africa right now and As we prayed for States so we continuously pray for Yisrael. All I ask from my simple platform, please don’t forget us. Shabbat Shalom Maranatha! PS. My heart is heavy with sadness. Shalom dear Geri and Christi! Bye the way Christi, I have you as friend on face book – Hugo Rohland 🙂 Shalom my sister.

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