The Blame Game

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TRUMP VS THE CROOKED CLINTON'S AND DRAINING THE SWAMPIsrael TeitelbaumTHE BLAME GAME: The Ruling Class in Washington is so wealthy and powerful that it controls the daily national conversation. The objective of course is to remain invisible. Just as tyrants throughout the ages, they do all their damage from behind closed doors. Considering that the cost of public education in the USA has increased by 327 percent since the 1970s – IN INFLATION ADJUSTED DOLLARS! – the Ruling Class is enriched annually by hundreds of billions of dollars. Needless to say, this kind of money can manipulate everyone with a bullhorn, leaving the American People in total darkness.

ALL the blame for the mess in our country belongs to the Progressive Ruling Class that controls most of Washington and has torn the Constitution to shreds – regardless of party affiliation. Just follow the money and it leads the foulest swamp that prevails on the American People to…

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