Gun Control Fairy Tale Video Exposes Hollywood Liberal Hypocrites!!

Kristi Ann's Haven

Hollywood is the problem!!

In the wake of the horrific mass killings in Newtown, CT, by a demon-possessed madman, the Obama ( REGIME ) government has decided that the Second Amendment has seen better days and it is time to kick it to the curb..


Gun Control Fairy Tale Video Exposes Hollywood LiberalHypocrites!!

And backing him up now comes the shrill, faux outrage of a “shocked” Hollywood demanding an end to all guns in the hands of civilians. We need to “save our children”. right?

Warning: A little bad Language in the Below Video of the HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES!!

We do need to Help save and protect our children Through Jesus-Yeshua Christ, but after watching this video all the way through, you may come to the same conclusion that we have. That one of the main over-arching reasons for the prevalence of gun violence in our society today…

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