What are President Trump’s biggest successes? What are his failures & disappointments? Here’s my analysis of his tumultuous first year in office.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

After a full-year in office, it is time to take stock of the Trump presidency. 
  • He certainly stunned the world by winning the 2016 elections despite having no government experience and a very controversial campaign.
  • He remains absolutely reviled by the Left, and much of the media.
  • He has made plenty of rookie mistakes in his first year and his approval numbers reflect that — hitting a record-low 32% in December, while since rebounding somewhat, hitting 42% this week in the wake of the passage of the tax cut bill and clear evidence of a surging economy and stock market.

Now that he has delivered his first State of the Union address (watch or read), let’s set aside the media firestorm and the deep cynicism of most reporters and pundits and ask, What is the truth? In what ways is this unconventional President succeeding? And how is…

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