Absolute Truth from the Word of God

After vandalizing the GOP Headquarters in NYC, these violent and very well paid anarchists promise that this is only the beginning.  I can just hear their “Daddy”  George Soros saying to them – “We’ll scare them!  We will make them back down just to avoid violence.  They are cowards!”

I wonder if Georgie has forgotten that the Conservatives are well armed?  Perhaps that slipped his Marxist mind?

And don’t forget that the Democrats resent being called a mob. Well, I like to call a spade a spade, and from where I sit, the whole lot of them are a dangerous, demonically possessed and murderous MOB.

On Friday, The Daily Caller’s Kerry Picket reported that the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan, which houses the Manhattan Republican Party and the New York City regional office of the New York Republican Party, was vandalized, including broken windows and spray-painted anarchist symbols…

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