OBAMA Whines at Rally for Biden in Philly When ‘Few’ People Show Up!!

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A “Sparse Crowd”. (Probably 4 people)

From greatamericandaily.com

Barack Obama Began to Speak and This Awful Reality Dawned on Him

Barack Obama is out on the campaign trail for Joe Biden.

But something strange happened at the first event.

And Barack Obama began to speak and this awful reality dawned on him.

The Joe Biden campaign dispatched former President Obama to Philadelphia to rally a sparse crowd of supporters.

An unhinged and angryBarack Obamaranted and raved aboutDonald Trumpwhile routinely lying about his time in office.

Democrats know they can’t win an issue or policy-based election so the left – aided by four years of fake news media smear campaigns – wants to make the election a referendum on Donald Trump’s conduct as President.

Obama amplified the lie that President Trump courts the support of white nationalists and domestic terrorists and that he encourages their behavior.


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