0.45% Of Obama’s 11,491 Syrian Refugees Are Christians, The Rest Are All Unvetted Hardcore Muslims

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With three weeks of the fiscal year to go, the Obama administration has exceeded its Syrian refugee admission target by 15 percent, with 11,491 resettled in the United States as of the beginning of this week.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I remember well how shocked and outraged people were when Obama announced that he wanted to import “10,000 refugees” in 2016. Well guess what? He didn’t import 10,000, he brought in well more than that and still have another 3 months to go in his term. He just might hit 20,000 before it’s all said and done. And official figures show he is not interested in bringing in Syrian Christian refugees, only Sunni Muslims. Allahu Akbar, America….

Since President Obama’s goal of 10,000 Syrian refugee admissions in FY 2016 was achieved on August 29, the number continues to pick up steadily. August ended with a new monthly record of 3,189 Syrian refugee arrivals, and…

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