We are seeing the greatest advance of the Gospel in the Mideast in human history. Join us at the 2017 Epicenter Conference & discover the dramatic story the media won’t tell you.

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Is there any good news in the Middle East today? Yes, there is!

What truly excites me is that amidst the worst persecution in the modern history of the Church, we are seeing the greatest advance of the Gospel and the greatest harvest of souls in the Middle East in the history of the Church.

Today, millions in the region are searching for hope via satellite TV, radio and the Internet. Some are seeing dreams and visions of Jesus. Others are finally reading the Bible — and specifically the New Testament — (or listening to it on audio Bibles) for the first time. They’re carefully examining the claims of Jesus of Nazareth in their heart languages for the first time. They’re asking their most important questions, and getting those questions answered. And they are coming to faith in numbers we’ve never seen before.

This is a story the media won’t…

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