Nancy Pelosi Squirm’s as Teen Grills Her on NSA Spying!!


When self-described socially inept high school student Andrew Demeter won an essay contest held by C-span, he received a rare opportunity to question House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi about her support of the NSA’s spying program.
As you can see, Pelosi was completely unprepared. She squirms and spouts nonsensical replies for nearly 90 seconds straight…

In the video, Demeter grills Pelosi, asking her why she supports the NSA at all.
Pelosi confesses the NSA does “many, many things,” but can’t quite articulate why the NSA’s spying is actually good for the country. Then, as you’d expect of any career politician, Pelosi refuses to take responsibility for her actions, and instead blames everything on Bush.
When pressed on the Unconstitutionality of the NSA’s data collection programs, she rambles and can barely come up with a sensible reply.
Pelosi has been one of the biggest proponents of the NSA’s massive data collection. She also recently helped pass the USA Freedom Act, which actually did very little to curtail the NSA’s unconstitutional espionage program.

*Winners Acknowledge Responsibility*!!


Via: Source American Prosperity News Network!!




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